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Fortnite Battle Royale Concept Art

This is a collection of concepts I did for Fortnite Season 6! I'm having a lot of fun working on this game.
Special thanks to all on Epic Games team who helped bring these characters to life, I hope the players are having fun with the scarecrows and Dj yonder!

Property of Epic Games, all rights reserved.

Joao bragato 17

Skin: ''Hay Man''

Joao bragato pickaxe

Pickaxe: Harvester

Joao bragato glider

Glider: ''Field Wraith''

Joao bragato famelescarecrow

Joao bragato backpack

Hay Nest:

Joao bragato djfinal 3d

Skin: ''DJ Yonder''

Joao bragato pickaxe 3d

Pickaxe: ''Smash Up''

Joao bragato cape 3d

Backpack: ''WaveForm''